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Civil law

Civil law

The Mateusz Romowicz Legal Consultancy renders a broad range of legal services in the civil field and provides thorough legal support to natural persons, including seafarers and people working abroad, as well as to entrepreneurs.

The legal support the consultancy offers in response to the needs of Clients includes the following:

  • Expert legal advice;

  • The drafting of legal opinions and legal information;

  • Full representation in pre-contentious proceedings (negotiations in property, vindication and compensation cases);

  • Professional representation in court proceedings and before administrative bodies of the state;

  • Comprehensive legal support in asserting a claim at all stages of the proceedings;

  • Drafting and assessing commercial and private contracts;

  • Professionally-conducted legal due diligence;

  • Representation in pre-contentious mediation and conciliation proceedings.

The consultancy offers legal services in the following case areas:

  • Property law (division of estates, dissolution of joint ownership);

  • Law of succession (representation in succession cases);

  • Compensation for bodily injuries and health disorders (compensation cases in Poland and abroad);

  • Compensation for property damage, including for damage subject to compulsory third-party motor vehicle liability insurance;

  • Representation in cases of the unlawful location of energy transmission equipment;

  • Law of obligations (claims arising from contracts, assessment of contracts);

  • Representation when asserting nationalisation claims in respect of the State Treasury;

  • Protection of personality rights;

  • Consumer law.

The consultancy takes care to provide legal assistance that answers the Client?s needs and that is delivered as promptly as the pace of the legal process will allow and to the highest standards of service.