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Commercial law

Commercial law

The Mateusz Romowicz Legal Consultancy provides comprehensive legal services to Polish and foreign business entities, including commercial companies from the United Kingdom, Germany, Singapore and Spain.

A major group of the consultancy?s Clients is formed by companies active in shipbuilding and in international transport and trade. The legal services are provided in a form that is adapted to the needs of the sector and to the organisational structure of the entity concerned, while taking account of the specific nature of the business being conducted.

The legal services provided to entrepreneurs include:

  • Establishing a company in whichever organisational form is required;

  • Day-to-day legal services for entrepreneurs;

  • The drafting of contracts, regulations and model contracts used in commerce;

  • Thorough legal audit for the business being conducted (Legal due diligence);

  • Representation when concluding commercial contracts; support while commercial negotiations are in progress;

  • Representation in disputes concerning commercial contracts: in particular those concerning building works, leasing agreements and transport contracts;

  • Legal assistance in the sales and purchase transactions, acquisitions, fusions, mergers, divisions and conversions of commercial companies and undertakings;

  • Legal support for the bodies of limited liability companies;

  • Representation in disputes with shareholders;

  • The drafting of documents that regulate work and remuneration, as well as of other official documents, for companies? internal use.

Establishing commercial companies

The consultancy provides comprehensive legal services for the establishment of commercial companies that include drawing up their articles of association, preparing the required registration documents and registering them with National Court Register, Tax Office and Social Insurance Institution.

Corporate governance:

  • Drafting companies? constitutional documents and commercial contracts;

  • Representation in the registration procedure for the entity both in and out of court;

  • Support for meetings of stakeholders and shareholder;

  • Drafting management contracts;

  • The restructuring, merger and division of limited liability companies;

  • Optimising the corporate structures of companies and groups of companies;

  • Company liquidations.

Legal due diligence audit:
The legal due diligence services include the following:

  • Analysing the background and present legal status of an audited entity, including by analysing its organizational documents; also, examining any potential reorganisation and changes in ownership structure for compliance;

  • Assessment of the entity?s property rights, including tangible and non-tangible assets;

  • An analysis of the structure and nature of the entity?s obligations from the point of view of recovery claims in progress (at both the pre-contentious and contentious stages) and of its contractual obligation;

  • A legal analysis of the major commercial contracts (contractual obligations) the entity is a party to;

  • The verification of concessions, permits and licences etc. that are held or that are required

  • Analysis of public-law liabilities;

  • Establishing whether a given entity is subject to any fiscal, administrative or other penalties

  • Analysis of court and enforcement proceedings that are in progress;

  • A check for disputes with institutions of public administration or with local government bodies that are in progress;

  • An investigation of existing and terminated employment contracts to determine their consistency with the law by analysing contracts of employment and in-company documents regulating work and remuneration;

  • An analysis of other legal risks, which may be associated with the specific nature of the sector the entity concerned operates in.

A thorough report on the above areas is compiled following each due diligence audit.

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