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Legal services for Shipyards

Legal services for Shipyards

The Mateusz Romowicz Legal Consultancy offers professional legal services for shipbuilding companies and shipyards.

The consultancy's close knowledge of the specifics of the shipbuilding industry means that businesses engaged in the sector can expect legal services of the highest quality. We place special emphasis on the international nature of the environment shipbuilding companies operate in. When providing you with legal assistance we seek the most favourable legal solutions with the aim of increasing the legal security of the Client during negotiations, while shipbuilding projects are in progress and in disputes that may arise in the course of providing shipyard services.

The legal services the consultancy provides include:

  • Establishing commercial companies for shipbuilding companies;

  • Day-to-day legal services during shipbuilding and shipyard projects;

  • Conducting commercial negotiations or supporting them while they are in progress;

  • The drafting and assessment of contracts to build, convert or refit

    ships/offshore installations etc.;

  • Advising on the registration of a ship on the register of a particular state while it is being built;

  • Representation in insurance, administrative and other cases before the authorities, courts of arbitration and the ordinary courts.

If you are an entrepreneur interested in our legal services, please visit our website