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Maritime law

Maritime law

The Mateusz Romowicz Legal Consultancy is one of only a few practices in Poland providing professional legal services in the area of maritime law.

Seafarers and maritime workers, as well as marine transport companies, are happy to come to us because of our substantial experience and the quality of service they receive. Our exhaustive knowledge of the legal relationships obtaining in maritime trade means that you can be sure of prompt and expert assistance when using our services.

The consultancy?s close knowledge of the specifics of maritime trade and traffic means that businesses engaged in shipping and sea transport can be certain of receiving services of the highest quality. The services provided by the consultancy include:

  • Drafting and assessment of contracts for maritime trade;

  • Assessment of planned changes to the flag under which the ship sails from the perspective; of the legal conditions that prevail in the state whose flag is to be adopted;

  • The interpretation of foreign law and contracts;

  • Representation in relationships with counterparties and their insurers, including P&I Clubs;

  • Representation in proceedings before Polish and foreign organs of public administration;

  • Representation before organs of maritime administration.

We place special emphasis on the international nature of maritime law and on the complicated legal problems that arise where it intersects with public law and, in particular, with tax and administrative law. When providing legal advice we seek the most favourable legal solutions that will enable the matter to be swiftly resolved. This makes the consultancy a trustworthy advocate that will increase the legal security of your activities.