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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The Consultancy follows the following principles during the provision of legal services:

  • the duty to keep confidential privileged information related to all information obtained from a client in connection with the provision of legal assistance is the basis of the clients trust in a legal adviser, and of the proper provision of legal services. Keeping confidential privileged information is the essence of an entitys freedom and the proper administration of justice.

  • the Consultancy is obliged to keep confidential anything that has been disclosed in connection with the exercise of professional duties, in particular, all information obtained from the client that the client would not have disclosed to anyone.

  • the Consultancy is obliged to keep confidential all information obtained, irrespective of its form or manner in which it is recorded. The obligation of professional privilege covers not only the prohibition of disclosing information, but also the use of such information in own interests or the interests of a third party.

  • persons cooperating with the Consultancy in carrying out activities have been obliged to maintain confidentiality in respect of non-disclosure of clients personal data, and everything that they have learned in connection with exercising professional duties, including information obtained from the client.

  • the data of the Consultancys clients is duly protected against disclosure to third parties or other unauthorised persons.

the obligation of professional privilege is unlimited in time and shall continue after the cessation of the legal relationship pursuant to which the legal adviser was rendering legal assistance.)