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The Mateusz Romowicz Legal Consultancy has been active on the market for legal services since 2006. Its core activity and first priority throughout that period has been to provide legal advice to seafarers, maritime workers, and their families.

Thanks to its close understanding of the specific nature of work at sea and of the relationships that influence maritime trade, the consultancy has been successful in securing the legal interests of Polish seafarers and maritime workers both at home and abroad. Mateusz Romowicz is a qualified legal adviser with many years of experience in providing legal services to seafarers and maritime workers. He gained his experience while providing legal assistance to seafarers and maritime workers in their disputes with ship owners, while representing seafarers and maritime workers before tax authorities, and in providing services to shipping agencies, shipbuilding companies and international trade and transport services companies.

The services provided to seafarers and maritime workers by the consultancy include:

  • All questions concerning maritime taxes;

  • Representation before tax and pensions authorities in Poland and abroad;

  • Tax returns and settlement for seafarers and maritime workers and representing them before the tax authorities in Poland;

  • Advice and representation in compensation cases (seafarers? and maritime workers? compensation);

  • Appearing as the legal agent of seafarers and maritime workers in employment disputes with shipowners;

  • Representation in family cases that seafarers and maritime workers are parties to.

The consultancy provides comprehensive legal services to the families of mariners who have tragically lost their lives in the course of their work aboard ships:

  • Claiming compensation for the unfortunate accident from the private insurance policy of a seafarer or maritime worker taken out with a Polish insurance company;

  • Performing an analysis of credit documents and, in so far as this is provided for by the conditions of the agreement and the credit insurance, the repayment of loans from insurance in the case of the accidental death of seafarers and maritime workers;

  • Conduct of the court proceedings with regard to submitting applications for a declaration of death in absentia, or for a declaration of death in cases where there is no documentation to confirm the death or in cases of death or disappearance in circumstances that are not yet explained;

  • Assistance in obtaining a Polish death record/declaration of death;

  • Conducting court proceedings to gain the court?s consent for action beyond the usual scope of administration of a child?s assets and property in the case of compensation to be paid to a minor;

  • Conducting court proceedings involving submitting an application for the declaration of receipt of inheritance from the deceased as well as satisfying the requirements of the tax authorities associated with this.

With due care and attention to detail, and without causing them any additional distress at a difficult time, the consultancy?s team is fully prepared to provide the legal assistance set out above to the families of seafarers and maritime workers who have very sadly died at sea and to ensure that their interests are fully secured.

The consultancy abides by the following principles in its service provision:

  • Our professional secrecy with regard to all information received from seafarers and maritime workers lays the foundation for them to trust their legal adviser and for the legal services to be provided in the proper way. Complete professional secrecy is the guarantee of individuals? freedom and of the proper functioning of the justice system;

  • The consultancy is bound to keep secret all information that is gathered in association with conducting its professional business. That is, to keep secret all information obtained from seafarers and maritime workers that the seafarer or maritime worker would disclose to no one;

  • The consultancy is bound to observe the professional secrecy set out here in paragraph three in respect of all information obtained ? no matter what form it takes or how it has been recorded. The duty to maintain professional secrecy prohibits not only the disclosure of information but also its use in the self-interest of the professional concerned or in that of a third-party;

  • The people who assist the consultancy in its activities are obliged to maintain secrecy by not disclosing the personal data of a seafarer or maritime worker and by keeping all of the information they gather in the course of their professional activities, including information obtained from seafarers and maritime workers, secret;

  • Data belonging to the consultancy?s clients is properly protected and secured to prevent disclosure to third parties or to other unauthorised parties;

  • The duty to observe professional secrecy is not limited by time but endures after the termination of the legal relationship on which the legal adviser?s provision of legal assistance is based.