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Tax law

Tax law

The Mateusz Romowicz Legal Consultancy possesses extensive experience in the provision of legal services in the field of tax law for both natural persons and entrepreneurs.

The consultancy is able to offer representation in tax cases before the tax authorities throughout Poland. The tax services the consultancy provides comply with the highest standards.

We offer our Clients legal assistance in the following areas:

  • Personal income tax (PIT);

  • Inheritance and gift tax;

  • Corporate income tax (CIT);

  • Goods and services tax (VAT);

  • Excise duty;

  • Customs duties;

  • Proceedings and disputes in tax cases;

  • International tax law;

  • Tonnage tax;

  • The taxation of seafarers and maritime workers.

The services provided by the consultancy include:

  • An assessment of the Client's tax position taking into account the organisational structure of the Client?s activities;

  • Tax analyses of selected taxation issues, such as onshore work abroad and VAT, as well as tax matters in the case of restructuring;

  • Obtaining individual interpretations of the provisions of the tax law;

  • Recommendations regarding potential tax optimisation;

  • Day-to-day tax consultancy service;

  • Tax support for international transactions;

  • Representation in proceedings before the tax authorities and the courts of administration.