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The consultancy provides professional services to shipyards and to Polish sub-contractors performing contracts at shipyards abroad.

The services cover the preparation of employment models for employees and the procedure for sending them on secondment abroad. They include the following:

  • The preparation of draft employment contracts;

  • Choice of the law that will govern the employment relationship;

  • Defining the regulations that will govern employees on secondment in another country in the EU/EEA, or in a third country;

  • The tax consequences both for employers and employees on secondment in Poland

    and abroad;

  • Assessment of the contract with the principal;

  • Assessment of the legal status of the employer in Poland.

The consultancy?s team has extensive experience of providing legal consultation to sub-contractors (Polish entrepreneurs) that send their employers on secondment to Norwegian shipyards, which is conducive to the thorough and efficient protection of the entrepreneurs? interests both regarding the realisation of the order and in tax terms.